Crime scene to court – in video clips

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As a bit of fun I thought I would share a few video clips of the forensic process, often referred to as ‘Crime Scene to Court’.


As a crime scene investigation I could have chosen loads of CSI (too obvious) or a cold case review from The Wire (too sweary).  Instead I have gone for DEXTER – examining blood spatter evidence.  I still havent watched all of the Dexter series, I’ll get back to them after Breaking Bad!


Next up we have lab analysis. Naked Gun 33 1/3 was gag and pun filled as you would expect from a Leslie Nielsen film.

Mastermind Scene from Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult Movie (1994) | MOVIECLIPS.


Finally court.  This is one of my favourite scenes from one of the best series I have seen recently.  Omar Little (occupation ‘rip and run, I rob drugs dealers’), one of the best and most interesting characters from The Wire is called to testify against a drug dealer.  The dealer’s lawyer thinks he can show him up but Omar proves to have a quick enough mind and sharp enough tongue of his own…


Any favourites of your own?

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About Dr Tom Bassindale

Dr Tom Bassindale is a forensic scientist, and the founder of We Are Forensic. He is currently the subject lead for chemistry and forensic science at Sheffield Hallam University. He's managed hundreds of forensic toxicology cases, and is an experienced court witness. He has specialist expertise in forensic toxicology and drug testing in sport. And yes... he watches CSI.