Lance doping bingo card

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As previously mentioned, Lance Armstrong will be appearing on Oprah Winfrey next week for a no holds barred interview.


To celebrate this I have produced a two player commemorative bingo card.  One side is pro Lance,  with all my favourite Lance Armstrong catch phrases on it – from ‘we like our credibility’, to ‘unconstitutional witch hunt’ via ‘most tested in history’.  GO LANCE, it’s the American way.


The other is from those dirty Euro’s out to get him.  ‘Cheese eating surrender monkeys’ line up to battle the Texan with Paul Kimmage and the Sunday Times amongst others. These are the kind of people who wrote nasty things about Lance in newspapers and chalked Lancepo on the roads of France each year.


All you need to do is print out your copy of the play card and watch TV!  Whenever one of the well worn phrases is uttered you cross it out.  The first continent to be crossed out wins! Simple.


Find your souvenir card below and print it out. Tune in to, the Oprah Winfrey Network cable channel or the Discovery channel to watch live.


Just to clarify, Travis Tygart is American, but he was so anti-Lance he probably now has a French passport or at least a French relative. USADA had to go into the USA card though, due to the USA in their name!  Remember, it’s just a bit of fun!


For my other Lance related pieces please see ‘The Lance File‘ and ‘Lance given the key to the EPO test‘. Thanks.


 Who will win this Ryder Cup of doping?


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