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Any of you who have been on campus at Sheffield Hallam University recently may have noticed lots of pictures of a slightly hairy man watching you: that is me!

Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) has recently started a campaign to show the added advantages of being one of our students, such as work placement opportunities and staff with experience from the ‘real world’ of their subjects.  It was on this strand I was asked to share my career before I arrived at SHU and how I believe that may be of benefit to our students.

You can find the web article on the SHU site here:  working together

The photo is being used on all the plasma screens around the University, as well as on screensavers and the University blackboard site (Shuspace).  Students have said it makes them work harder in the library as they can see me watching them!  I was in the lab with our second year forensic science students this week and I kept appearing behind me, which prompted me to take a Barack Obama style ‘selfie’ shown below.  Enjoy!

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About Dr Tom Bassindale

Dr Tom Bassindale is a forensic scientist, and the founder of We Are Forensic. He is currently the subject lead for chemistry and forensic science at Sheffield Hallam University. He's managed hundreds of forensic toxicology cases, and is an experienced court witness. He has specialist expertise in forensic toxicology and drug testing in sport. And yes... he watches CSI.