Why are some drugs banned in sport? WADA Prohibited list

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I often get asked why some drugs are banned in sport and others aren’t. Here’s a quick run down and an update on the World Anti Doping Agency Prohibited List 2018.


The Three Tests

Is the drug:

  • Potentially performance enhancing?
  • A health risk for athletes?
  • Against the ‘spirit of sport’?

If a drug fails two of these three tests it should be banned.


The prohibited list 2018: WADA Website here

A brief update from WADA on the 2018 list.


How to check your drugs: Globaldro website


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Dr Tom Bassindale is a forensic scientist, and the founder of We Are Forensic. He is currently the subject lead for chemistry and forensic science at Sheffield Hallam University. He's managed hundreds of forensic toxicology cases, and is an experienced court witness. He has specialist expertise in forensic toxicology and drug testing in sport. And yes... he watches CSI.